“As wide as the ocean – as wide is our passion in what we do. 

Together we create the best time of your life!”

Surf’n’Yoga Fuerteventura

Surf & Yoga Fuerteventura is a result of the two friends – Gracy and Priyal – from two countries – Germany and Sri Lanka – that couldn’t be any more different.

Both followed their dream of combining two more different worlds: the surf and the Yoga. With their european island project they make their guests live closer to nature and enjoy life as its best. Surrounded by the volcanic countryside they follow their philosophy of a pure and healthy lifestyle.



Co founder, Manager & Yoga Instructor

The energized and smiling founder and Yoga teacher of the S&Y Camp is originally from Germany and the happy soul of the camp. She is a passionate 950 HR  Yoga teacher, breathwork instructor, sound healing and massage therapist and fulfills her island dream in Fuerte while teaching guests how to live a more balanced life.  Join her workshops and private sessions to awake your body, mind and spirit.




Co founder

The enthusiastic founder of the camp is an adventurous surfer. If he doesn’t catch the Spanish waves, he surfs the Sri Lankan ones. 

His lifelong love affair with surfing kicked off in the south of Sri Lanka. He has always felt at home in the deep blue. Priyal launched his first surf school in 2012 and his Surf & Yoga camp in 2014 with passion and love.  He can answer all questions about the  secret spots in the jungle island and surfing in the tropics. 




Nikoleta is a talented vegan chef and nutritionist. She stopped eating meat 12 years ago and over time she gradually became interested in healthy food, trying all the food options and flavors, always on her mission to share how to live a sustainable life. She collects the most yummy culinary skills from all over the world like in Bali and Puket.  She is equally passionate about what we put in our body as what we put on it!  Fall in love with her food and the most delicious one of the whole island.



 Yoga Teacher

Elena is a the heartwarming and caring soul and 600 HR Yoga teacher of the camp. She’s originally from Spain but with California vibes running through her veins. After facing burn-out, she turned from an  water scientist career in to a path of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. This path has healed and empowered her, and now she strives to integrate this  experience into her teachings and work.

She will help you to 
regenerate and feel nourished during your stay. 


Reception Queen

Nastassia is a real sunshine and loves adventures. Thats why she decided to quit her career as a lawyer in Brussels and left her long office days behind  her. Whenever you have any questions about Surf & Yoga Retreats, she will be there for you. Her passion for hosting people from all over the world will make you feel like home.  If you want to talk about surfing, yoga and outdoor sports, Nastassia is definitely  the one! She looks forward to welcome you with her warm smile to spend some unforgettable days at the charming villa. 

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Receptionist & Yoga Instructor

“Paula big G” is our joyful Yoga 550 HR teacher and receptionist. She is originally from Gran Canaria and already traveled around the globe just to realize that the Canaries feel like home to her. As she loves to enjoy all little things of life such as sunrises and being in the water, she will teach you to slow down from the hectic pace of life with creativity, love, and passion. 

Meet her at the reception or in her classes you will directly feel the happy and relaxing vibes of around her.


Kitchen Assistant

Carlotta is our cute helping hand in the kitchen. She came from Italy to Fuerteventura with her family to open an own family guest house in the laid back countryside. Beside that she loves to assist in the kitchen of the Surf & Yoga villa and to prepare more vegan dishes for the guests. You will meet her during dinner times to introduce you the desserts with a big smile in the face.  In general she likes to hang out at the beach with friends and to deeply relax. Mama Mia! A real Italian 😉



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Gino & Sarah

House Keeping

Gino and Sarah are a combination of super  duper power and coffee. They used to work at 5 star hotels until they decided to get more flexibility with an own company for their two cute kids.

The both and their fantastic team give everything to keep the spacious villa clean and as a home of your dreams.  

Whenever you someone smiling rushing around like the breeze of the island wind, this will be for sure Sarah and her team. Enjoy the clean villa and lay back and relax. 

"AS wide as the ocean - as wide is our passion in what we do. Together we create the best time of your life!!"

Ready for the trip of a lifetime with us?

Our retreat is currently closed for renovations (new opening dates to be announced soon). Please get in touch with +94771025527 or for more information about new opening date and refunds for existing bookings. Check out our Portugal camp meanwhile.