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Breahwork (Conscious connected breathing)  is a very special tool to gain clarity, relaxation, releasing of emotions and a state of mind where peace and self-love are dominant. If you are always seeking to understand the connection between you and everything out there, our breathwork sessions will be one of your favorite tools. 


Here we include the power of sound and instruments and voice. Let the magic begin!


When:    on request, please check or ask for the schedule

Price:      20 EUR


For booking drop us a message via Whatsapp: +34644075402

Cacao Ceremony

The celebration of ceremonial cacao 

We honour and taste ceremonial cacao togehter in a sharing circle. The cacao comes from Bali and is a heart opening medicine.  Here we will celebrate mother earth wirth sacred healing songs, drums, harmonium and we dance. Ceremony is unique and unforgettable. <3 


When: every Friday

Time:    05:30 – 07:00pm

Price: 25 EUR


For booking drop us a message via Whatsapp: +34644075402

Meditation Workshop

Calming the wild ocean of a mind 

Your mind is like the ocean, wild and free. In the meditation workshop we turn your ocean into a quiet lake.

Leant about the benefits and intention of meditation, the different types  like breathing, walking or dancing meditation and enjoy your cup of tea.


When: Please check weekly schedule (Monday or Friday)

Time: 04:00 – 05:00 pm

Price: 15 EUR


 For booking drop us a message via Whatsapp: +34644075402

Sound Journey

The great power of sound

Experience the healing  powers of different sounds every Wednesday. 

All you need to bring is yourself, cozy clothes and the intention to  relax. Lay down on your mat and experience different sounds like crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, rainmaker, mantra, gong and harmonium that will bringe you to a peaceful mind .  


When: every Wednesday

Yoga:    06:00 – 07:00pm

Price: 15 EUR


For booking drop us a message via Whatsapp: +34644075402

Women / Sharing Circle

Come back to your feminine power. 

We create a secure space to share our thoughts and feelings, singing mantras, cleanse the aura and just love each other for who we are. Come back to your power and create self love and empathy and understanding for each other.

When: on request, please check or ask for the schedule

Price: 20 EUR


For booking drop us a message via Whatsapp: +34644075402

Weekly drop in classes

Yoga – The way to be!

We offer two daily Yoga classes:

Vinyasa: 07:00 – 08:00 am (10 EUR)

Yin & Meditation: 05:00 – 07:00 pm (20 EUR)

For booking drop us a message via WhatsApp: +34644075402

Ready for the trip of a lifetime with us?

Our retreat is currently closed for renovations (new opening dates to be announced soon). Please get in touch with +94771025527 or for more information about new opening date and refunds for existing bookings. Check out our Portugal camp meanwhile.